The benefit of waste composition analysis

Waste composition analysis is a method for characterizing waste, which means that the waste is hand-sorted into different categories These are weighed separately and the percentage of waste composition can be calculated. Through the pick analysis, a required foundation is built in order to change, or to evaluate a collection system.
The analysis results can be used for:

  • Increased knowledge of today’s quantities and composition on waste
  • Evaluation and comparison of different collection systems
  • Quality control of sorted materials
  • Dimensions of the waste system, collection and transport
  • Follow-up of the objectives of the waste management plans
  • Reduced disposal costs

Analysis of household waste

Envir perform waste composition analysis on households unsorted municipal waste, food waste, packaging materials, bulky waste as well as other waste according to customer needs..

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Household Waste

Analysis of industrial waste

Envir perform waste composition analysis on corporate unsorted municipal waste, combustible waste and the other waste according to customer needs.


Industrial Waste

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