Address: Envir AB, Gesällgatan 11, 266 33 Munka-Ljungby, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)768 94 80 89
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Org. no: 556813-3440
Enterprise account: 9960 42 08597 510
Bank account: 667-2976
IBAN: SE0595000099604208597510

The company

Envir AB has more than 15 years of experience in planning, implementing and reporting waste composition analysis. The company has been involved in developing the Swedish manual for waste composition analysis and correction factors currently used by Waste Sweden.

We are currently working with the waste composition analysis of unsorted household waste, food waste, packaging, bulky waste and commercial waste as well as related consulting services. Envir a waste laboratory in Munka-Ljungby, where most of the analyses are carried out.

Business Concept

Envir will implement and develop waste composition analysis and related consulting services to municipalities, municipal corporations, private companies and other stakeholders.

Policy Envir AB works by a management system based on quality and environmental policy, where all employees are actively involved. The purpose of the management system is to guarantee our clients the highest quality and best customer satisfaction.
You can download and read the Quality and Environmental Policy PDF.


Project Manager Our Project Managers have extensive experience of designing, implementing and analysing waste composition analysis . Each year, we conduct up to 180 different waste composition analysis.

Permanent staff Waste composition analysis is hand-picked knowledge. Therefore, we always have permanent staff carrying out the sorting of your waste and recycling materials. 500 kg of unsorted household waste we hand-pick in 12 hours and we guarantee statistical security in the results.

Standardized procedures All analysis is carried out according to standardized models in which the manuals for Waste Sweden’s is the starting point. Along with the Envir’s management system, it ensures that your results meet your needs.

Database All information from the client waste composition analysis is stored in a database. Customers can access this information through our website. If the customer wants to have extended information, Envir can compile data for comparing with other clients, however, the source of the information is confidential.

Click here to download our PDF of Envir Managment System