Research and development

Envir operates its own research projects, and participates as partners in research projects where the waste and recycling is central.

Ongoing research projects

Together with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Envir received funding from the Plastic Circuit’s Foundation for research and the Foundation IVL to conduct a research project named: “A matter of course, or a necessary evil? A knowledge base for increased recycling of plastic packaging.”

The goal of the project is to generate knowledge about the possibilities, motivators and barriers to increased recycling of plastic packaging, which is why individuals (households), choose or not choose to recycle plastic packaging. Also the type of plastic that individuals are better or worse at sorting, as well as possible causes of action. This knowledge will lead to greater understanding of what would motivate individuals to make better sorting of plastic packaging. Envir will execute waste composition analysis on both the source sorted plastic packaging and residual waste in designated areas in a pilot municipality. The results from these analyses provide both knowledge of the plastic packaging which is sorted in higher or lower extent, and the results that provide a basis for the design of questionnaires to households. The project starts on 1st September 2014 and end no later than the last september 2015th.

Completed research projects

Marine littering and its sources in the Nordic water¬†In 2014 Envir conducted together with the organization Keep Sweden Tidy, a pilot project aimed at new ways to assess the debris descent. The project “Marine littering and its sources in the Nordic waters” partly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The goal is to develop new knowledge and suggest measures how to prevent littering.

Waste to Resources are inter-regional projects in the South Baltic Programme 2010 – 2013. Waste minimization for small and medium businesses. The result showed that more than 80% of a company unsorted waste can be recycled..